LA 9th April

Another good sleep – I headed downstairs at 7 for an early coffee and danish(es!), and a chat with a couple of local lads. Then back to the room at 8.30 to wake the girls.

Back downstairs for brecky proper with the girls – then headed out for a walk to Rodeo drive – perhaps an hour stroll but very pleasant – Girls & myself got some shirts from NikeTown just up from Beverly Wilshire (nice foyer !) – then dropped into Jimmy Choo (5 staff – no customers) to see what we could find – lots of money for not a lot of shoe !!

Then Emily got a bracelet from Guess and we continued our way back up the drive as the 4 Audi SR8’s continued their procession up & down. We headed back home along La Ciendea & San Vincente and stopped at Huro’s Japanese for lunch. ordered enough for 10 people – not used to large california/salmon & avocado rolls, but was lovely with green tea & managed to bring home a tray of leftover – enough for our tea !!

We decided to head out in the car (we had a 5 minute power nap while the girls tidied up their mess, towards the Hollywood sign. Drove down Hollywood Blvd & followed a narrow winding road up the hill (reversed back down to let a cop car thru.) The girls got their photo of the sign while we attempted a u turn.

Back down the hill out the front of a shoe warehouse off sunset blvd – we just witnessed a minor car acident – 2 BMW’s – but big enough for the airbag to go off. It was the Warehouse that originally caught our eye & we drove around the block for a park. It was the biggest shoe store I’ve ever seen – it was huge ! I grabbed a pair of asics 1160’s for $80 plus adidas sport socks. I can’t believe the girls came away empty handed !! Di was clearly off her game and decided to have a cruise  around – we headed for Lady Gaga’s house in Beverly Hills for a sticky beak and arrived in time to see the pizza boy deliver to the front door – couldn’t see who it was though, much to the girls dissapointment. 

We headed home, well started to anyway, but the gps took us home via downtown (past staples centre), through sacramento and towards Long Beach – this wasnt looking good and Di reprogrammed us home via Melrose Ave – so we had a scenic route right around LA (and experienced the freeways & traffic jams).

Arrived home at 8pm just on dark and happy to leave the car in the bell boys hands. We finished off the sushi for tea and Di’s jumped into bed – all a bit tired I think – plenty of sun today. Planning on heading to farmers markets by 9am – then checkout to Santa Monica – and do the beach – maybe hire bikes down to Venice (muscle beach). We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but again, today has been relaxing & pretty cruisy.  

Headed back down

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